Perch Project

Hello everybody this is my Perch Project and this project is to create a Perch for an airport environment for my Perch I used Cinema4D for all the Lighting and the Modelling with Global Illumination but I rendered the animation into 3 parts and then moved them into After Effects for Final Rendering. This Process took me approximately 8-9 hours rendering time and 2-3mins for the Final After effects Render.

Below is my Perch Presentation Movie, the Presentation sheets and my Evaluation.


For my "Perch Project" we were asked to create a 3D Model using Cinema4D of our
Woodwork model to show Presentation skills and Compositing the Model into a 
PhotoGraph. In this Evaluation I will be talking about how I Created this
Model and How I presented My final Piece.

3D Model

To Create this Model I first took a picture using my camera of my woodwork model
on a side view, and opened it up in Photoshop. In doing this I was able to draw
around my Picture of the Model and Create a Work Path. Once I created the work 
path I was able to Import the path into Cinema4D.

Once Imported I created a Spline of my Model to Extrude. I then 
duplicated this Extrude three times, once I had my three Extruded Nurbs I 
separated them apart but kept them very CLose on the two outside Extrudes. I 
changed the caps to Fillet Cap and then I was able to create the shape of the 
First Panel of my model.

Once I created the First panel I then Duplicated this panel four times and 
Separated them apart to create the Shape of my 3D Model. After this I made
a Few cubes and sized them to create the Structure to hold my model together.

After my model Was created I then worked on the Materials and Textures. For 
my Wood Texture I used a Preset Material of the wood and then I just Changed it
about a bit to get it to what I needed. My second Material for my model was 
plain Red with a 5% Reflection.


For my Presentation I made a Sky Object with a Plain white Material with a floor
Object scaled across the whole perimeter and a Plain white material with a 15%
Reflection.  Using the Global Illumination it rendered all of my materials in
High Quality HD with 1280-720 Ratio and the aspect Ratio was HDTV (16:9).


For my Compositing I created a Background and made a material image and changed 
the material Projection to Frontal and finally I added a Compositing Tag and 
enabled the Compositing Background. Finally I copyed the Material and made a 
plain as a Floor with the material added onto it. Finally I added my 3D Model
to the Image by placing the model on the Plain with some Lighting to reflect the 
shadows in the Right Places.

Rule of Thirds

For my Rule of Thirds I Rendered my Model out into an A2 Size Image and Opened it
up in Photoshop, by clicking on Preferences, Guides/Grids and Slices I was able to
edit the settings for rule of thirds. These settings were: Gridline; 33.3 Percent
and the Sub divisions is 1. After I changed these settings I went to View, Show >, 
Grid, and then I moved my Image and placed it into the Center of the Grid.

Finally I added a Little Title and a Short Description of my Presentation.


This is my New Intro.

Hello everybody I have been working on a new Intro for my Vimeo Channel to put in front of all my Videos I create.

Heres a Few Pics and the vid is Below.

This Intro has been Created using Cinema4D it has taken up Nearly 10hours of rendering, the Final Outcome Will be uploaded shortly and to create this intro I used a Tutorial by AcrezHD on Youtube and this is a Typography Intro but instead of using a Lightroom I used “Global Illumination” It took me just under 45mins to make and the Hardest part was getting the Camera movements to how I wanted other than that. This has been a very fun Creation to make and I am now able to have My very own “Intro” / “Ident”.

(Video is Currently offline will be up again soon.)

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at what I have created and I hope you liked.

(also please could you check out and sub to AcrezHD he has the best Tutorials going and I’m pretty sure he can help you out too.)

BA Project – Final Animation (Light & Dark Edition)

This is my Final Animation for My British Airways Ident Project, for This Animation I have used inspiration from the Movements of an Plane and Animated the Red Ribbon below the Text to fly like the way a plane would.

And for the the Logo I have created my own Compressed Version of the Original Logo and Animated it into a Sphere on the left of the British Airways Text and animated the Ribbon into a Transition moving from one Logo to the Other.

Also I have rendered this animation in 2 Different Examples these examples include:

Light Edition- Example has a white background.

Dark Edition- Example has a black background.

Light Edition

Dark Edition

Animation Test 2 For British Airways Ident Project

This is my Second Animation Test for my Project BA (British Airways Ident) using Cinema4D.

Animation Test 1 for British Airways Ident Project

This is my First animation test for my Project BA (British Airways Ident) using Cinema4D.

The Room Project

The Room Project

For the Room Project we had to create a choice of the following three: Room 105, A Restuarant and your personal room at home we had to create this room in Cinema4D then Export the images into our Blogs.

For this Project I chose to do the Personal Room and uploaded the images.


Image 1 – Chest Of Drawers

For the Chest Of Drawers I made I used the Boole and the Extrude NURBS I first used a Cube and made it to shape I then used another Cube to create the Drawers space using the Boole to Open it up, and then I used the Bezier Spline to create the base of the Chest Of Drawers and used the Extrude NURBS to make the spline 3D. After that I then used another Cube and Reshaped to make the Top.

Image 2 – Window & wall

For the Window I used the Boole and the Extrude NURBS I first used the Bezier Spline to Create the outline to the Wall I then used the Extrude NURBS and and Extruded the Wall, I then used a Cube and the Boole tool to create the Window space and Then I used an image that I imported into C4D to show the outside of the window showing whats outside.

Image 3 – My Bed

For the Bed I have made this using a Different variety of Primitive objects from Cylinders, Cones, Cubes and plains and I have put these all together to create the shape of the Bed.

Image 4 – Pillow

For the Pillow I have used another Primitive object that I reshaped to create and then I used the Fillit option on the Cube Object to create the edges of the Pillow to make it look more fluffy and Comfortable.

Image 5 – Wardrobe

For the Wardrobe I have made using the Boole Tool and Some Cube primitive objects to create the Shelves and wardrobe Doors I also used a Bezier Spline and Extrude Tool to create the Door Handles. and underneath the Wardrobe is a Wall which is there to stabilise the Wardrobe and below the Wall is the Stairwell below.

Finally Images 6+7 – TV, Laptop and Radiator

For these last two images I have added a few extras to make the room look more realistic.


This project is to design and produce a 3D model of a restaurant, bedroom or our classroom 105.

I have chosen to produce a 3D model of my bedroom at home.  In my bedroom I chose to put in a chest of drawers, a bed and my built-in-wardrobe.

For the bed I had made using a cube primitive object for the mattress and frame.  I made the mattress for the frame a touch smaller than the frame itself so it looks as though it sits in the bed frame.  The mattress colour is light blue, the bed frame I used a pre-set material for a light oak colour, for the legs of the bed I made a cylinder and used the fillet to scale 50 to give the leg a more rounded effect.   For the back board I used to cubes to give the shape of the bottom of the board and used the oil tank object and flattened it out to give it a more rounded effect to the top of the board.

Then I had to create the chest of drawers I used two cubes and Boole tool and put one cube inside the other cube to create an inset for the three drawers to fit in and for the drawers I created a cube with a sphere shape for the handles, for the base of the chest of drawers I had created a spline in the square of another square and connected and deleted the splines to create one then I created an extrude tool to make them expand outwards into a 3D shape and finally for the top of the chest of drawers I included a flattened out cube.  For the material I used the light oak pre-set.

Then creating the Built in wardrobe, I used two cubes one inside the other to create the shelves in a boole, then I added the doors onto the wardrobe frame, in doing this I had a flattened cube and placed them on to the front of the wardrobe doors and for the handles I created an extruded spline and done the same for the second wardrobe door.  For the built-in-shelves to the side of the wardrobe I used several cubes individually placed and spaced out to form the gaps of the fitted shelf.   Finally, I used a cube object to create the wall underneath the wardrobe is the stairwell to upon which the fitted wardrobe is built on top of.   For the material I created a plain white colour and for the door handles I used a metal preset colour.

Finally the walls, for these I created two extruded walls and a boole to create the window and door, for the walls without any booles I used two plane objects, for the colours of the walls I had made two new materials, two walls are teal blue and the other two walls are rain grey.

For the radiator, television and laptop I used the preset objects to make the room look more Realistic & lived in! : ) and finally for the carpet, I used a navy blue material colour.