Perch Project

Hello everybody this is my Perch Project and this project is to create a Perch for an airport environment for my Perch I used Cinema4D for all the Lighting and the Modelling with Global Illumination but I rendered the animation into 3 parts and then moved them into After Effects for Final Rendering. This Process took me approximately 8-9 hours rendering time and 2-3mins for the Final After effects Render.

Below is my Perch Presentation Movie, the Presentation sheets and my Evaluation.


For my "Perch Project" we were asked to create a 3D Model using Cinema4D of our
Woodwork model to show Presentation skills and Compositing the Model into a 
PhotoGraph. In this Evaluation I will be talking about how I Created this
Model and How I presented My final Piece.

3D Model

To Create this Model I first took a picture using my camera of my woodwork model
on a side view, and opened it up in Photoshop. In doing this I was able to draw
around my Picture of the Model and Create a Work Path. Once I created the work 
path I was able to Import the path into Cinema4D.

Once Imported I created a Spline of my Model to Extrude. I then 
duplicated this Extrude three times, once I had my three Extruded Nurbs I 
separated them apart but kept them very CLose on the two outside Extrudes. I 
changed the caps to Fillet Cap and then I was able to create the shape of the 
First Panel of my model.

Once I created the First panel I then Duplicated this panel four times and 
Separated them apart to create the Shape of my 3D Model. After this I made
a Few cubes and sized them to create the Structure to hold my model together.

After my model Was created I then worked on the Materials and Textures. For 
my Wood Texture I used a Preset Material of the wood and then I just Changed it
about a bit to get it to what I needed. My second Material for my model was 
plain Red with a 5% Reflection.


For my Presentation I made a Sky Object with a Plain white Material with a floor
Object scaled across the whole perimeter and a Plain white material with a 15%
Reflection.  Using the Global Illumination it rendered all of my materials in
High Quality HD with 1280-720 Ratio and the aspect Ratio was HDTV (16:9).


For my Compositing I created a Background and made a material image and changed 
the material Projection to Frontal and finally I added a Compositing Tag and 
enabled the Compositing Background. Finally I copyed the Material and made a 
plain as a Floor with the material added onto it. Finally I added my 3D Model
to the Image by placing the model on the Plain with some Lighting to reflect the 
shadows in the Right Places.

Rule of Thirds

For my Rule of Thirds I Rendered my Model out into an A2 Size Image and Opened it
up in Photoshop, by clicking on Preferences, Guides/Grids and Slices I was able to
edit the settings for rule of thirds. These settings were: Gridline; 33.3 Percent
and the Sub divisions is 1. After I changed these settings I went to View, Show >, 
Grid, and then I moved my Image and placed it into the Center of the Grid.

Finally I added a Little Title and a Short Description of my Presentation.


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