Hello and welcome to my Affiliates page, This is where I put up all of my Favorite websites as an affiliate because they may not of just helped me but they have Given me lots of help with tutorials and Inspiration towards my designs and I also believe that once you have checked these out they can lead towards helping you and many others out.


Remi Brandt is a very helpful guy when It comes to “Cinema4D” and “Adobe After Effects” because he provides great tutorials and project files to all of his creations from Rendering Tutorials to Intros he has a wide range of very helpful Project files to both Cinema4D and After Effects. Check him out by clicking the image above.


Pariah Studios is another great site when it comes to working with “Cinema4D” and “After Effects” these guys again provide Fantastic Tutorials and also provide some very helpful Project Files and they have also recently added a “Web Design” page to their site. Check them out by clicking on the Image above.


AcrezHD is another amazing Motion Graphics Designer with his Youtube channel he provides a number of outstanding tutorials for Cinema4D and After Effects, but he also does Speed art, Graffiti speed art and un-boxing videos. Check him out and Don’t Forget to Subscribe by clicking the image above.


Nitro 4D is an amazing Plugins and Script Download site also Nitro 4D have some great Tutorials showing you how to use their Plugins that you download this will definitely contribute to helping you with some designs because this site has provided me with some top class Plugins that have helped some of  my designs dearly. Check them Out by clicking the image above.


One Comment on “Affiliates”

  1. lennie says:

    Hey everybody who uses Cinema4D or are learning to use then check these guys out they have some very good tutorials and some include project files aswell so yea check em out 😀

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