This is my New Intro.

Hello everybody I have been working on a new Intro for my Vimeo Channel to put in front of all my Videos I create.

Heres a Few Pics and the vid is Below.

This Intro has been Created using Cinema4D it has taken up Nearly 10hours of rendering, the Final Outcome Will be uploaded shortly and to create this intro I used a Tutorial by AcrezHD on Youtube and this is a Typography Intro but instead of using a Lightroom I used “Global Illumination” It took me just under 45mins to make and the Hardest part was getting the Camera movements to how I wanted other than that. This has been a very fun Creation to make and I am now able to have My very own “Intro” / “Ident”.

(Video is Currently offline will be up again soon.)

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at what I have created and I hope you liked.

(also please could you check out and sub to AcrezHD he has the best Tutorials going and I’m pretty sure he can help you out too.)


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