Hello and Welcome to my Blog my name is Lenny McCullough and I’m a Student at Kingston College, School of Art & Design Studying 3D Art & Design, my interests related to my studies are Animation, Graphic Design, Digital arts and Games Development.

I’m 17 Years old and Live in Chessington, Surrey My Main Hobbies are Playing and Watching Football, Spending Time and Going out and about with some of my friends I say some because a few of my friends are pretty boring and don’t like to go out. I also enjoy playing a bit of Xbox every now and then and watch an awe full amount of Television, My Favorite Film is Probably Avatar or Tron Legacy, My Favorite Television Program is Mock the Week maybe Russel Howard’s Good News I’m not too sure.

I listen to a lot of music when I’m out and about with the iPod and Have become a great fan of Dubstep and DnB I also listen to a lot of RnB, Rap, Hip Hop and Lots more One of my all time favorites is Eminem, My other favorite has to be Deadmau5.

In a few years time I would like my designs and talents to lead me into either the Games Design or the Animation Industry to Create either Games Like Call of Duty and Need For Speed or Animated Films like Despicable me and Shrek. If I don’t end up getting myself into this area of design or change my mind for whatever reason I will try and get into the Freelance industry.

If you would like to Contact me for help or whatever Reason just Email me at lennymccullough93@yahoo.com or you could always call/text my Mobile on 07824776651.


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