The Room Project

The Room Project

For the Room Project we had to create a choice of the following three: Room 105, A Restuarant and your personal room at home we had to create this room in Cinema4D then Export the images into our Blogs.

For this Project I chose to do the Personal Room and uploaded the images.


Image 1 – Chest Of Drawers

For the Chest Of Drawers I made I used the Boole and the Extrude NURBS I first used a Cube and made it to shape I then used another Cube to create the Drawers space using the Boole to Open it up, and then I used the Bezier Spline to create the base of the Chest Of Drawers and used the Extrude NURBS to make the spline 3D. After that I then used another Cube and Reshaped to make the Top.

Image 2 – Window & wall

For the Window I used the Boole and the Extrude NURBS I first used the Bezier Spline to Create the outline to the Wall I then used the Extrude NURBS and and Extruded the Wall, I then used a Cube and the Boole tool to create the Window space and Then I used an image that I imported into C4D to show the outside of the window showing whats outside.

Image 3 – My Bed

For the Bed I have made this using a Different variety of Primitive objects from Cylinders, Cones, Cubes and plains and I have put these all together to create the shape of the Bed.

Image 4 – Pillow

For the Pillow I have used another Primitive object that I reshaped to create and then I used the Fillit option on the Cube Object to create the edges of the Pillow to make it look more fluffy and Comfortable.

Image 5 – Wardrobe

For the Wardrobe I have made using the Boole Tool and Some Cube primitive objects to create the Shelves and wardrobe Doors I also used a Bezier Spline and Extrude Tool to create the Door Handles. and underneath the Wardrobe is a Wall which is there to stabilise the Wardrobe and below the Wall is the Stairwell below.

Finally Images 6+7 – TV, Laptop and Radiator

For these last two images I have added a few extras to make the room look more realistic.


This project is to design and produce a 3D model of a restaurant, bedroom or our classroom 105.

I have chosen to produce a 3D model of my bedroom at home.  In my bedroom I chose to put in a chest of drawers, a bed and my built-in-wardrobe.

For the bed I had made using a cube primitive object for the mattress and frame.  I made the mattress for the frame a touch smaller than the frame itself so it looks as though it sits in the bed frame.  The mattress colour is light blue, the bed frame I used a pre-set material for a light oak colour, for the legs of the bed I made a cylinder and used the fillet to scale 50 to give the leg a more rounded effect.   For the back board I used to cubes to give the shape of the bottom of the board and used the oil tank object and flattened it out to give it a more rounded effect to the top of the board.

Then I had to create the chest of drawers I used two cubes and Boole tool and put one cube inside the other cube to create an inset for the three drawers to fit in and for the drawers I created a cube with a sphere shape for the handles, for the base of the chest of drawers I had created a spline in the square of another square and connected and deleted the splines to create one then I created an extrude tool to make them expand outwards into a 3D shape and finally for the top of the chest of drawers I included a flattened out cube.  For the material I used the light oak pre-set.

Then creating the Built in wardrobe, I used two cubes one inside the other to create the shelves in a boole, then I added the doors onto the wardrobe frame, in doing this I had a flattened cube and placed them on to the front of the wardrobe doors and for the handles I created an extruded spline and done the same for the second wardrobe door.  For the built-in-shelves to the side of the wardrobe I used several cubes individually placed and spaced out to form the gaps of the fitted shelf.   Finally, I used a cube object to create the wall underneath the wardrobe is the stairwell to upon which the fitted wardrobe is built on top of.   For the material I created a plain white colour and for the door handles I used a metal preset colour.

Finally the walls, for these I created two extruded walls and a boole to create the window and door, for the walls without any booles I used two plane objects, for the colours of the walls I had made two new materials, two walls are teal blue and the other two walls are rain grey.

For the radiator, television and laptop I used the preset objects to make the room look more Realistic & lived in! : ) and finally for the carpet, I used a navy blue material colour.



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